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This island nation features spectacular landscapes, diverse cultures, pristine islets, lush tropical forests and metropolitan cities. The country is home to a large number of indigenous tribes and exotic wildlife. While touring the country, enjoy thrilling rides at one-of-a-kind theme parks like Dreamworld and Sea World. Spend leisurely time on the white sandy beaches and explore the unique coral reefs – the highlights of the nation. Also, visit some of the iconic structures in the world, such as the Opera House and Sydney Tower Eye.  Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is often called The Land Down Under, due to its extreme southern position.

About Australia

Located in south eastern part of mainland Australia, Melbourne is the country’ s second largest city, the cultural capital, and the most cosmopolitan of its metropolises. It has Gold Rush-themed architecture with a multicultural make-up which echoes the city’ s past. Meanwhile top art galleries, museums and street art show how the city has been held on to its past and stay in tune with everything current. Melbourne is also an epicurean’ s dream come true. The city is inhabited by a wide range of people from all over the world giving the cuisine a global touch. Sport is the unofficial religion of the city. It is renowned around the world for MCG, its great cricket stadium, the Australian Open which is the first grand slam tournament played every year at Melbourne Park, and the first Formula One race every year that is run as a street race around the Albert Park Lake, not far from the city centre. Melbourne’ s city centre is full of bars and eateries constructed within its former industrial buildings giving the place a certain edge and ruggedness. There are many secret lanes and rooftop bars which are to be discovered by foot in the Federation Square while a trip to the bohemian Brunswick Street is every hipster’ s dream comes true. Melbourne is also known for its parklands and lush landscape though it is a busy city.

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