What can I expect from the tandem flight?

No two tandem flights are exactly the same, however, this is what you can expect from your day. After you get to the meeting point at Phagrei, we trek up to the flying location that is most suitable for the current weather conditions after the registration. There are a few excellent takeoff points on top hill, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the superb views of the area and the flexibility to choose a suitable location depending on the weather so our chance of flying is higher.
Once we are at the takeoff site we do a briefing during which we take you through the details of the flight and explain the equipment and safety procedures. After a safety check, we’re ready to take off so we run a few steps down a gentle slope and it’s time to sit back and enjoy your flight. Depending on your desire, abilities, weather conditions and the area where we fly, your instructor might let you handle the controls during the flight. If you just want to relax and admire the scenery, that’s OK too, the main objective is to have a good time.

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